Be More Organised

Planning life, family, events & celebrations
with Kompartment

Sometimes life gets a little crazy and keeping on top of everything, and updating everyone, can be overwhelming. Breaking life down into separate kompartments, and managing and sharing these with the other people in your life can make everything more manageable.

So what is a Kompartment?

Think of a kompartment as a kind-of virtual diary and filing cabinet for every aspect of your life.

Use kompartments for social events, personal bills and finances, holidays, kids, extended family, renovations or anything else going on in your life, and share the information, in real-time, with the other people who need to know it.

All of a sudden, by managing life one kompartment at a time, you can be the organised person you want to be. It's simple. Kompartmentalise and be more organised.

Kompartment Features

  • Add events into a kompartment-specific calendar, which are then automatically synchronised into your device calendar (and that of anyone else who has access to the kompartment).
  • Make lists of to-do items and notes and check them off as they're completed.
  • Save files and images - like copies of letters, invitations & photos.
  • Chat between users of that kompartment.

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